Birthday is generally the name given to the day on which an individual is born and is stated as a special day in everyone’s life. The birthday itself means the day of doing enjoyment and fun. Everybody in this world has the desire to celebrate their special day in their own style. People celebrate this day by organizing parties and spending their time with their family, friends and relatives. Children and kids are most excited about the arrival of their birthdays. It will not be wrong to say that the birthday is a day that is awaited and enjoyed by people of all age groups whether they are children, adults or older ones.

The word birthday brings the image of parties, surprises, gifts, cake, etc in our mind. It is a special and most awaited day in everyone’s life as it is the day when we came into this world. The people on their birthday feel much adored and cared. It is because everybody gives warm wishes to that person as well as wishes for his/her long and happy life. Moreover, some surprises or special activities are done by the family, friends and relatives of the people having their birthdays. Thus, it will be appropriate to say that love, blessings, parties, enjoyment, etc on the birthdays make this day beautiful and memorable for the people or children having their birthdays.